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The Bride and Her Grandfathers

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It was Christina’s special day. She was marrying the love of her life, Giannis Arapaki, and their entire family was there to help them celebrate. But the day ended up being about the bride and her grandfathers as the four men stole the show. By the way, their combined age is 390 years.

The grandfathers on the groom’s side are Charalampos, 103, and Giannis, 90. On the bride’s side, Kostas, 97, and Ilias, 100. Ask them, and they’ll tell you that life begins at 90!

Charalampos, the oldest, flew in for the wedding, and spent his time dancing with everyone. Kostas read a special poem he had written for the newlywed couple. Their presence showed the importance of family and how the wisdom and love of the senior members is valued and appreciated.

Relationships and family (blood or chosen) are a crucial part of living the 100 Year Lifestyle. No one wants to live to 100 alone. It’s the companionship and bonds of friendship and love that give life meaning. Just ask Christina and Giannis. 

At 100 Year Lifestyle we refer to the relationships in your life as the Surround Sound Support System for your mind, body, and spirit. This network of relationships should cover all the bases, supporting you in pursuing the quality of life that you desire, in reaching your full potential, and in helping you through crises. As poet John Donne wrote, no man is an island. We all need others in this lifetime to both survive and thrive.

To see pictures of the beautiful couple and their amazing grandfathers, click here.

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